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NJTC has a Winter Tennis program!

Our tennis programs are  socially-distanced events of tennis and people. We start the indoor events schedule in October and finish in March including a Halloween event, and a Holiday event.

We will have 2 shifts of play from 4-6p and 6-8p with a maximum of 16 players on 4 indoor courts. Your time of play will depend on how many in your tennis level sign up so, we will let you know whether you start at 4p or at 6p. Please tell me know if you want to play with specific people.

We will be observing healthy and safe distancing. Masks are required to enter the APEX Tennis Center and may be removed once you are on the court. The club will provide you with your own can of tennis balls, if requested and lots of hand sanitizer. No sharing of food, no hand holding, and no breathing on me.

Please bring your own face mask and water/beverage. Come early to sign in and have your temperature taken. If you are not feeling well stay home and take care of yourself.

Scroll down to register below for one or more events.  We look forward to seeing you!

ATC indoor tennis, great lighting and acoustics
ATC facility, 8 outdoor and 4 indoor courts

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No Socials scheduled at this time.  Please check back later!


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