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NJTC has a Winter Tennis program!

Our tennis programs are  socially-distanced events of tennis and people. We start the indoor events schedule in October and finish in March including a Halloween event, and a Holiday event.

We will have 2 shifts of play from 4-6p and 6-8p with a maximum of 16 players on 4 indoor courts. Your time of play will depend on how many in your tennis level sign up so, we will let you know whether you start at 4p or at 6p. Please tell me know if you want to play with specific people.

We will be observing healthy and safe distancing. Masks are required to enter the APEX Tennis Center and may be removed once you are on the court. The club will provide you with your own can of tennis balls, if requested and lots of hand sanitizer. No sharing of food, no hand holding, and no breathing on me.

Please bring your own face mask and water/beverage. Come early to sign in and have your temperature taken. If you are not feeling well stay home and take care of yourself.

Scroll down to register below for one or more events.  We look forward to seeing you!

ATC indoor tennis, great lighting and acoustics
ATC facility, 8 outdoor and 4 indoor courts

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SOLD OUT Saturday November 28th from 4 - 8pm

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2020-10-24 21:22:42Gene King King3.0Male1
2020-10-25 11:17:44Linda Schutter3.5Female2
2020-10-26 11:07:54Janet Colvin2.5Female3
2020-10-26 11:39:34Sheila O'Neill2.5Female4
2020-10-29 09:24:17Maggie Carson3.0Female5
2020-10-29 09:24:17Henry Carson3.5Male6
2020-10-31 09:45:58Matt Leoni3.5Male7
2020-10-31 09:45:58Anne Leoni3.5Female8
2020-10-31 10:39:59Jennifer Stiebeling4.0Female9
2020-10-31 10:54:32Lauren Rivas3.5Female10
2020-10-31 11:31:31Laura Pivovar3.5Female11
2020-10-31 11:31:31Bryan Pivovar4.0Male12
2020-10-31 11:43:43Chris Armstrong4.0Male13
2020-10-31 15:55:16Dave Kranzler4.0Male14
2020-10-31 16:24:59Lucy Kuchta4.0Female15
2020-10-31 16:24:59Robert Kuchta3.5Male16
2020-11-01 17:53:39Stacey oeltjenbruns3.5Female17
2020-11-01 17:53:39Mark3.5Male18
2020-11-01 18:17:14Susan Tomlinson2.5Female19
2020-11-01 18:17:14David Tomlinson3.5Male20
2020-11-01 19:07:54Laura Kelly2.5Female21
2020-11-01 21:42:29Mitzi Bare3.5Female22
2020-11-02 06:52:40Kevin Thistle3.5Male23
2020-11-02 09:36:10Joe Hendricks4.0Male24
2020-11-02 09:46:21Vilura Haas3.5Female25
2020-11-12 20:10:27Rex Zerr3.5Male26
2020-11-14 09:11:56Gary Ashley3.0Male27
2020-11-14 10:03:15Tim Kramer Kramer3.0Male28
2020-11-14 10:03:15Jennifer Kramer3.0Female29
2020-11-14 11:20:57Leon Gonzales3.0Male30
2020-10-24 17:00:38Kathleen Harvey2.5Female1
2020-10-24 17:00:38Jamie Harvey3.0Male2
2020-10-24 21:25:36Gene King King3.0Male3
2020-10-25 09:11:47Kevin Thistle3.5Male4
2020-10-25 11:19:27Linda Schutter3.5Female5
2020-10-26 06:53:25John Bernard3.5Male6
2020-10-26 11:10:37Janet Colvin2.5Female7
2020-10-26 11:40:38Sheila O'Neill2.5Female8
2020-10-31 09:49:08Matt Leoni3.5Male9
2020-10-31 09:49:08Anne Leoni3.5Female10
2020-11-01 18:18:39Susan Tomlinson2.5Female11
2020-11-01 18:18:39David Tomlinson3.5Male12
2020-11-01 19:09:36Laura Kelly2.5Female13
2020-11-14 13:11:43Frank Vigil3.0Male14
2020-11-14 13:40:18Bo Thistle3.0Female15

Watch for email invites for these events.  Subscribe below or contact Kevin directly.

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