League Signup

USTA 18 & over 7.0 Mixed Up/Down League

League Date and Time

Saturdays, 10am – Noon between June 1st – July 20th

League format

NTRP Mixed Combined 7.0, 2 teams per team

League Fee

$0 (there is a $75 NJTC one league membership required)

The USTA 18 & over 7.0 Mixed Up/Down League is a combined mixed team consisting of two teams per team composed of one wheelchair player and one able bodied player.  The play and rules are the same as USTA Mixed leagues with the one exception, the wheelchair player is allowed up to two bounces to hit the ball back to the opposing side.  The able bodied players are only allowed one bounce.  
Who can play?  Since this is the inaugural year, we are recruiting primarily 3.5 and 4.0 women to partner with wheelchair men A players (NTRP 3.0/3.5). 
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USTA 18 & over Mixed Up/Down
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