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Dear readers,

Here is your monthly update regarding the non-fiction, ongoing saga known as


When we last left our merry band of NJTC members their battle against COVID was raging on. COVID had dealt a blow to the club by forcing them to cancel their beloved Keystone trip. However, this setback did not dampen the club’s spirits as they continued to enjoy the fruits of 18+ Intra Club play.  In fact they are still reveling in this improvised league with playoffs to be held next week, and finals the week after.  COVID cannot prevent champions being named at each participating NTRP level.

Frustrated that NJTC is remaining strong and resilient, COVID increased its force and attacked aggressively again.  Palooza 2020 being the recent casualty, unfortunately.  No matter how hard NJTC tried to resuscitate the event, the excitement, camaraderie, and pure joy was drained out of it.  COVID is proving to be unpredictable and formidable but NJTC will ultimately prevail by keeping its members safe and out of harms way.

Not to be deterred, while some are participating in the USTA second season, many NJTC members will play their second round of Intra Club (IC)…. this time for Twilight.  Surely it will not please COVID that they are turning IC Twilight to their advantage by offering all teams Home matches under lights in the increasing darkness, and will be conducting 4 lines of play verse 3, giving more people the chance to escape the isolating and depressing grip of COVID.

In the coming months this chapter and book will close. However, know this is not the last volume in the series as COVID will most likely not yet be defeated (spoiler alert). After a much needed rest, next year we shall start anew. Sadly, some of the main characters will not be returning for the sequel. There are some in the NJTC upper ranks who will hang up their shield in January. Exactly which positions will be open is intel for September, but I just wanted to give you a teaser to get you thinking about how you might contribute to this elite team leading the charge to ensure NJTC remains strong, influential, and most importantly, entertaining.

Until then, do what you can to help defeat COVID while staying healthy and safe!

Jen Steibeling

July News and Status

Hello NJTC Family,

Yes…’s me again!

Who would have thought at the beginning of the year we would become so familiar with the words masks, virus, quarantine, incubation, cough, social, distancing, Fauci, spike, handwashing, fever, pandemic, isolation, curve, sanitizer, antibodies, and the measurement of six feet…..but here we are.  Until NJTC tennis gets a little closer to normal we won’t be publishing monthly Magazines. Instead you’ll just receive email blasts from me with pertinent information.

At this time I need to pass on a recent decision regarding Keystone. After much discussion we find it necessary to cancel this years annual mountain getaway weekend.  We did look at modifying the trip by adding precautions for everyones health and safety.  However, in the end the trip was going to look too different from what we have come to know and love. This event is just as much about socializing as it is tennis. What made it harder to plan is the fact that operations at the Keystone Resort are in a constant state of flux given the ever changing landscape of COVID-19.  Cancelling the trip this year seems like the safest most responsible move to ensure everyones well being.  We’ll make it twice as fun next year!!!

Our sights are now set on Tennis Palooza 2020, September 25 – 27. We have pushed the decision whether or not to hold this event back another month.  We will continue to monitor State and City health guidelines, and will look for what restrictions the ATC has in place at that time.  Proactively we are discussing how we can modify this tournament so that it can take place in a safe environment.  More to follow as we see what happens with the spread of COVID through the summer.

In the meantime, I hope that everyone playing in our first ever Intra Club League is having a great time!!!  Personally, having Home matches every week is fine by me!  I also think it’s pretty cool that all Intra Club teams have decided to participate in the Mini Tourney we set up for the last two weeks of play. It’s not Districts…..but it keeps our competitive juices flowing 🙂

I understand USTA will most likely run a Season 2 after Season 1 concludes in mid August. Season 2 would include Twilight, ITA Mixed, 65+(?) and Summer Daytime.  I have to assume COUSTA will be monitoring the situation to ensure safe play can continue from Mid August into September.  If something should preclude USTA from running a Season 2, know that we can run another Intra Club session now that we have the hang of it!

Also, if you are playing 18+ Intra Club but have already paid for USTA 18+, remember you can move those USTA fee’s to another league or ask for a refund by the deadline of August 20th.

That’s the state of the union for now. Know that my email inbox is always open should you have questions or comments. And remember…….

Do what you can to stay active while doing what you must to stay safe.

Jen Stiebeling

PS    We have a NJTC member who is looking to sell their Fall PCT time on Monday mornings, 9-11am. Let me know if you are interested.

2020 Annual Meeting

Hello Tennis Family!

Just a reminder that our Annual Meeting is just around the corner. NJTC continues to grow and your Board would like to share what they are doing to help keep members informed and engaged. A majority of us spend many hours on the court over the course of the year, but just 60 minutes on Saturday is all it takes to show your support for all NJTC does for league play and beyond.
In addition to raffling off 5 full memberships, we will also be bringing in salads and sandwiches from Jersey Mikes.  If you could kindly RSVP below so we have an accurate count for food we’d greatly appreciate it.
Hope to see you Saturday,
Jen Stiebeling

NJTC is giving away

When and Where

Saturday January 25th 4:00pm
Apex Field House – 5724 Oak St. Arvada


Follow these links and you’ll find the

To help us plan for food, let us know if you’re planning on being there

Keystone Pictures

Great time in the mountains!

Thanks to everyone who attended our 3rd annual Keystone weekend. The weather held for us this year which means it was a great success in my book!! Plenty of rum punch and leis for Friday nights Luau, lots of great tennis and a tremendous Italian night on Saturday were some of the highlights.

Photographs and text by Jen Stiebeling

Summer Kickoff Pictures

We had a super fun time kicking off the summer and enjoying the APEX Tennis Center. There were lot’s of drills with the pros, a high-level tennis exhibition match, silent auction, and food/beverages.

Click the button below to see a gallery of the day’s events.

Teaching tennis in Guatemala

Did you know it only costs $13 for a child to play tennis for an entire year in Guatemala?

Yes, you read that correctly—only $13 for a year’s worth of lessons with a local tennis pro in Antigua. After the introduction of tennis last summer, many of the children at Escuela Integrada want to continue learning the sport.
Support tennis in Guatemala today by sponsoring a student’s lessons.

To read more about Teaching Tennis in Guatemala, read our March 2019 club newsletter (pages 7-8).

Summer Kickoff

Save the date

Tickets available now!

Keystone Tennis Weekend


The time has arrived for NJTC members to register for the August 17-18, 2018 Keystone Tennis Weekend.  

Non-member registration begins July 1st.

Register now

Two nights

  • In a two bedroom condo
  • Open tennis Friday afternoon
  • Four hours of Court time on Saturday
  • Open tennis on Sunday

Drills with Jamal

Only 32 slots available with this excellent instructor.


  • All meals
  • Beer
  • Wine

Special notes to consider when registering

  • You may register yourself and one other person at a time. If you know of others you’d like to room with, please include those names in the Note section
  • Registration must include payment on-line to secure your place.
  • Once 64 people have committed a waitlist will be created. Last year we took names from the waitlist so please get on that list after the trip fills.
  • The Note section can be used to detail any dietary requirements.
  • Logo’d tee-shirts will again be offered.
  • Places still open on July 1 will be offered to non-members at a price of $210.00 per person.