Club Status

Dear readers,

Here is your monthly update regarding the non-fiction, ongoing saga known as


When we last left our merry band of NJTC members their battle against COVID was raging on. COVID had dealt a blow to the club by forcing them to cancel their beloved Keystone trip. However, this setback did not dampen the club’s spirits as they continued to enjoy the fruits of 18+ Intra Club play.  In fact they are still reveling in this improvised league with playoffs to be held next week, and finals the week after.  COVID cannot prevent champions being named at each participating NTRP level.

Frustrated that NJTC is remaining strong and resilient, COVID increased its force and attacked aggressively again.  Palooza 2020 being the recent casualty, unfortunately.  No matter how hard NJTC tried to resuscitate the event, the excitement, camaraderie, and pure joy was drained out of it.  COVID is proving to be unpredictable and formidable but NJTC will ultimately prevail by keeping its members safe and out of harms way.

Not to be deterred, while some are participating in the USTA second season, many NJTC members will play their second round of Intra Club (IC)…. this time for Twilight.  Surely it will not please COVID that they are turning IC Twilight to their advantage by offering all teams Home matches under lights in the increasing darkness, and will be conducting 4 lines of play verse 3, giving more people the chance to escape the isolating and depressing grip of COVID.

In the coming months this chapter and book will close. However, know this is not the last volume in the series as COVID will most likely not yet be defeated (spoiler alert). After a much needed rest, next year we shall start anew. Sadly, some of the main characters will not be returning for the sequel. There are some in the NJTC upper ranks who will hang up their shield in January. Exactly which positions will be open is intel for September, but I just wanted to give you a teaser to get you thinking about how you might contribute to this elite team leading the charge to ensure NJTC remains strong, influential, and most importantly, entertaining.

Until then, do what you can to help defeat COVID while staying healthy and safe!

Jen Steibeling