June Status

Time again for a NJTC update

Hello Everyone,

Colorado USTA continues to analyze the situation surrounding COVID-19 including which facilities are open for league play, and to what degree. We should be hearing news from them soon.

As we wait for a USTA update we are running or our Intra Club league which starts this Sunday.  If you were looking for a team but have not been contacted by a captain it means that teams are currently full. We are keeping your requests, however, in case space does become available.

Our goal with this league is to get as many people playing as possible, therefore we aren’t being as restrictive as USTA, but I would ask that everyone make their best effort to play on the night or day they are scheduled.  Otherwise we would have structured this similar to T-2 or a Flex league.  If you do need to reschedule however:

  • Please call the ATC to cancel the court you were scheduled on.
  • When booking your new court remember to mention you are rescheduling an Intra Club match so you won’t be asked to pay for the court.
  • If you chose to reschedule on an indoor court, that will cost you $20 per hour at the time of reservation. Cancelation of indoor courts require at least 24 hours notice for a refund or credit.

The “Fine Print” regarding our in house league includes:

  • With COVID-19 in mind everyone is playing at their own risk, with some people choosing to be more cautious. If a partner or opponent desires to play with their own can of balls (per USTA recommendation) please accommodate them. Players who wish to play with their own can, please bring your own and initial two balls.
  • HOME teams are responsible for balls for the rest of the group and will report scores. Names of players are not required, just team names and level of play.
  • At this time no socializing is allowed after matches. No Food No Beverage.

If USTA does not start their leagues, or if they do and there is time left, we might consider organizing Intra Club play for some of the Leagues USTA had to cancel.  If it comes to that we’ll probably send out a Survey to see who is interested which will determine if the effort is worthwhile.

As always, we’ll keep you posted regarding ongoing developments. And remember…

Do want you can to stay active while doing what you must to stay safe 🙂


Jen Stiebeling