Permanent Court Time


When:  Friday, October 12, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Where:  Indian Tree Golf Course Clubhouse, 7555 Wadsworth

Why:  The word is out that the Apex Tennis Center is the place to be! Be a part of the action by securing 30 weeks of permanent court time for the 2019 season. This consists of two 15-week sessions: Jan-Apr. and Sep.-Dec. This year, the lottery is open to all players, regardless of residency status!



  • It’s guaranteed. Permanent court time gives you a regular time to play. The court is yours…no phone call or checking online to see if a court might be available.
  • It’s convenient. You select your day and time, whether it be an hour and a half or two hours. Plan for the entire indoor season. 
  • It’s your group. Once you have secured your time slot, invite your friends, teammates, family, or tennis nemesis to join you for a session, or all season. 
  • It’s flexible. If your schedule changes, you can sell or give away your court time. It’s prepaid, so it’s yours to do what you’d like with. 
  • It’s social. The Apex Tennis Center is a gathering place for tennis enthusiasts. Be a part of the fun! 
  • It’s affordable. Not charging membership fees or guest fees reduces costs for all players. A true pay-to-play model.


  • You must be present to select PCT. 
  • The lottery is available to all players, regardless of residency status. 
  • One entry per person, maximum 2 per household. The intention of the lottery is to give all individuals and groups an equitable opportunity to receive permanent court time. All entrants and staff are expected to act in good faith to uphold the spirit of the PCT lottery. 
  • Check-in and registration begin at 6pm. Appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages provided. Cash bar.
  • Drawing and time slot selection will begin for Apex residents at 7pm and continue until all residents have had the opportunity to select a time slot. Non-resident selection will commence at 8pm and continue until all participants have selected, or until all available slots have been chosen. 
  • If your name is drawn, you will have 1 minute to select from the available time slots. 
  • Time slots are available in 1.5 hours or 2-hour increments. 
  • Your slot is good for the entire 2019 indoor season only…payment for all 30 weeks is required. We will not be grandfathering times, they will be reset for the 2020 season. 
  • Once you’ve selected your slot, a $100 non-refundable credit card, check, or cash deposit secures your PCT…this will be applied towards your first 15-week balance. Full payment for the first 15-week period (Jan.-Apr.) is due by December 15. 
  • As a courtesy to our players, payment for the second 15 weeks (Sep.-Dec.) will not be due until August 15, 2019. 
  • All permanent court time holders must have a household account at prior to payment.



1.5 Hour Slot…1st payment (15 weeks) – $630 2nd payment (15 weeks) – $630 2019 Total – $1,260

2 Hour Slot.….1st payment (15 weeks) – $840 2nd payment (15 weeks) – $840 2019 Total – $1,680


1.5 Hour Slot…1st payment (15 weeks) – $720 2nd payment (15 weeks) – $720 2019 Total – $1,440

2 Hour Slot.….1st payment (15 weeks) – $960 2nd payment (15 weeks) – $960 2019 Total – $1,920

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