ATC Status & Permanent Indoor Tennis Court Time Lottery

Anticipation and excitement continues to build, now that the Apex Tennis Center project is 50% completed. Viewing is best from the corner parking lot of the office building, or across the street. The Ralston Creek Trail remains open, so you can walk around facility perimeter.
Majority of the exterior walls are up, roofing insulation/panels currently being installed, post tension forming for the indoor courts looks ready for pouring, curb and gutter is in; chain link going up on the outside courts and the mid-way is complete. Crews are on the job 7 days a week. Our target date for the soft opening of the Apex Tennis Center, remains January 5th.

The one change to the plan involves the opening date for the outdoor courts. The contractor notified us late last week that the playing surface for the outdoor courts will be installed in April or May of 2018. We are beyond having the consistent temperatures required to allow the work to be completed. A minimum of 55 degree for 72 hours, is needed, to install the color coating system and have it cure correctly. Yes, I am disappointed as many of you are, but not surprised. What’s most important is that the work is done correctly, and if we have to wait a bit longer, then so be it. This delay will impact Trio, Mixed, 18 +, and potentially a few more of those early May leagues, based on spring weather conditions. Rest assured Jen, Mitzi and I will take care of your playing needs. The player support we received this past year, was amazing. We just need it a bit longer, ok? Also on our plates will be the completion of the Majestic View project. This is a City of Arvada project that had weather delays and hit some scheduling snags. So, positive energy for an early spring.

I have received a few inquiries related to how the facility will be programmed. More information will be available in time for the launching of our MaxGalaxy registration system on Dec. 4th. I’m still tweaking some things, so don’t feel comfortable releasing dates/times quite yet. Please use this time to go onto the Apex website to learn the steps to set up your MaxGalaxy account. This system will drive class registrations, booking court time, reserving a spot in a drill session, etc. Once our Head Pro comes on board, there will be tweaking of the current programming and then planning for summer. Youth programming is Monday thru Thursday from 3:30-6 and on Saturdays. Our Adult Lesson program has been rocking it on Saturday mornings/Sunday afternoons, so that will continue. Lessons will be added on Tuesday mornings. You will see Stroke of the Week (Mon/Fri lunchtime), Drills, Drill and Play, and Cardio Tennis (currently in the fine-tuning stages). Friday and Saturday evening programming will be more social in nature and an opportunity to draw new players to the facility. I have a few in house leagues scheduled, over the winter and want to add a Top Dog format and a boot camp to help teams prepare for the season. A programmer is only as good as the instructors needed to run many on these programs.

Thank you for the many phone calls/emails regarding the permanent court time lottery. There have been some great questions. The intention of the lottery is to give all individuals and groups an equitable opportunity to secure permanent court time, with residents receiving priority. Please come to the lottery party with an ID, showing you live in Arvada. That is how you get the Golden Ticket! If your family is trying to secure more than one block of time, but sure to bring that family member with you. If you have a specific day/time in mind, have as many residents from your group, attend, to increase your odds of getting the time you want. If you no longer need your Golden Ticket, it can get placed back into our hopper. Bottom line is to be prepared and have your strategy in place. Once your ticket is pulled, you have 2 minutes to choose your time. Lottery rules and available time slots will be on the club website and are currently available at Let me know if you would like to receive an electronic copy.

The phone connection at the ATC is a bit squirrely, due to the electrical work taking place, so please reach out to me via email,, with questions, comments, and items of discussing needing clarification.

See you on the court,

Here is more information about the lottery:



Tournament Latest

4×4 Update! – Postponed!

4x4 Tennis Tournament
4×4 Tennis Tournament

As we’ve been gathering steam and a ton of community support, we regretfully must announce that we will have to postpone the NJTC 4×4 from this fall until next spring.  While the Apex Park and Recreation District have truly done everything in their control to make this happen on time, unforeseen circumstances have forced them to push back the opening date for the outdoor portion.  As a result of the recent construction boom in the City of Arvada and the metro Denver area, the Apex Tennis Center opening has been delayed. Specific factors include backups in the permitting process and challenges with scheduling qualified subcontractors. Timeline updates will be announced as soon as they are available. If you have any questions regarding this, please don’t hesitate to reach out and email Apex at

We are still extremely excited with the work Apex has done and is doing, and are stoked to be partnering with them for this event when it does happen. Instead, this just means the NJTC 4×4 will be bigger and better than ever!  We want to turn this into a true community event and believe that can happen.  We’ve got more time to involve more community sponsors and vendors and now plan to make this a true launching point for the new Apex Tennis Center.  Please bear with us, mark your calendars for the spring, and spread the word to all your friends, as when we host the NJTC 4×4 in the spring we will have a new beautiful tennis facility with 8 outdoor courts AND 4 indoor courts!
A new date will be coming soon with more details. As well, we’ll be highlighting all our sponsors throughout the fall and winter within our newsletter, website, and social media to get you all excited and show some love to our great sponsors!
Let us know if you want to join the event as a sponsor or vendor.

Apex Tennis Center Update

Apex Tennis Center Construction - June 17, 2017
Apex Tennis Center Construction – June 17, 2017

Lots of dirt is being brought in and compacted to even out the landscape.  Existing outdoor courts are being prepped to allow for electrical and post tensioned framing.  Youth and adult lessons, camps, drills, TANS, and private lessons continue on at courts within the city.  Signs should always be posted, when courts are reserved, but on occasion, signs have gone missing or our pro’s scheduled a spur of the moment lesson. Thank you for moving, should you be asked, when not involved with a league match.

Continue to leave phone messages at the Arvada Tennis Center 303-420-1210 or emailing  I return calls once or twice a day and on weekends when it has impact on scheduled leagues play. Racquet stringing operations are transitioning over to the Racquetball and Fitness Center and you can purchase balls, overwraps, and dampeners.  RFC staff is learning more about tennis each day, so thank you for supplying as much information as you can, when dropping off a racquet or needing to make a purchase.  We’ll always call if we have questions about your stringing request.

Great job dropping off high school keys immediately following your match when playing during the day, or by 8 am the morning following an evening match. Daytime players count on this! The Racquetball and Fitness Center is open 5:30-9 pm Monday – Thursday; Friday 5:30-7 pm; Saturday 7-1; Sunday 8-1.  We are open on July 4th from 8-1. Use dedicated parking spaces when picking up/dropping off keys-thank you for not parking along the curb, in fire lanes or disabled spots-the entrance to our facility is narrow.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas or offers to help repair nets or blow courts so all can have a great time on the court!


NJTC 6.0 Mixed team going to Sectionals!

One of our North Jeffco Tennis Club 6.0 mixed teams went to Districts and won!  They are going to Sectionals in Idaho.

Pictured Brian Hansen, Kris Hansen, Matt Yelick, Michelle Aurzada, Dean Paxton, Rose Foster

Not pictured:
Tom Stratman, Kelly Weinberg, Cheri D’Ascoli, and Grant Nelson

Ground Breaking Ceremony

On Friday May 12th, a ground breaking ceremony took place at the Apex Tennis Center.

Project: Renovate eight outdoor courts with post tension surfaces, new lights, fences. Addition of facility with four new indoor courts and controlled access to all areas of the tennis complex.

Estimated Complete Date: 4th quarter 2017

Project Budget: $5,760,810