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One of the most frustrating things about playing league tennis is having to reschedule a match for whatever reason. Here in Colorado especially, the unpredictable weather often comes into play. Following is some handy information for when those pesky situations arise:

What would cause a match to be rescheduled?
Lightning, darkness, some natural hazards (i.e. smoke) or if courts are unplayable (wet/ice/snow). But not wind and not temperature, sorry.
When is that decision to be made?
At match time: CO USTA requires that all players must be present at match time, even if a rainout is obvious. In the event of inclement weather (i.e., lightning), players should observe the USTA’s Emergency Care Guidelines. If courts are not playable within 30 minutes from the scheduled match time, either team may force the match to be rescheduled. Teams are not required to wait longer than 30 minutes from the scheduled match time to start play. There is exceptions to this when both captains agree ahead of time, but MOST storms in Colorado pass quickly and rain or hail a couple hours before match time often won’t result in unplayable courts. In these instances, it is your responsibility to cancel your courts by calling ATC.

Jessica Mitchell
Evening League Coordinator

Kris Hansen
Daytime League Coordinator

How long do I have to make up the match?
Three (3) weeks (i.e., 21 days) unless it’s in the last two weeks, then it must be completed by the score entry deadline, no exceptions.

What if we cannot agree on a make-up date?
Then the match date shall officially be scheduled for the third Friday following the original match date. The time will be the same as originally scheduled. If the match falls within the last two weeks of the season the match date shall officially be scheduled for the day after the last league season end date listed in the “Deadline Calendar” at the original match time.

How do we reschedule?
If you are the home team it is your responsibility to book courts. Call the ATC or Alex to reserve courts. See link below for full details. If you are the away team work they will be responsible for booking courts.

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Jess Mitchell & Kris Hansen